Available Services

Available Services




On-Site & Emergency Field Service


Trained, Certified Technicians Provide On-Site Services
  • Fleet of service vehicles with the latest repair and diagnostic tools
  • Scheduled maintenance maximizes uptime
  • Emergency service available
  • State-of-the-art diagnostic tools and service trucks for job site repairs and service
Scheduled Maintenance On-Site

Lashley Kubota's state-of-the-art trucks provide on-site service for both repairs and routine maintenance. Our trained, certified technicians are dispatched to your job site to perform maintenance activities recommended by the equipment manufacturer at specified intervals. We can schedule these maintenance procedures when your machines are idle to optimize your equipment productivity.

Remotely Monitor Equipment for Problems

When you have an equipment monitoring system installed, Lashley Kubota can remotely monitor your machines and let you know when we receive any alerts for operation problems. Sometimes we even spot a problem before your operator is aware of it. We can diagnose repairs through our systems and come prepared to your site with the proper parts and tools to minimize your downtime.

Emergency Service Available

When one of your machines is down, you can count on us to come to your job site to repair your equipment as quickly as possible. We understand that you might have a problem on a weekend or evening, and our technicians are available whenever you need them.



Machine Inspection and Maintenance


Scheduled Maintenance Inspections
  • Reduce downtime with scheduled maintenance inspections performed by our certified technicians
  • Documented maintenance for warranty assurance
  • Any brand, any model
  • On-site or in our shop
On Time Inspections

Lashley Kubota will complete scheduled maintenance inspections for your equipment to avoid downtime and keep your machines performing their best. Most equipment manufacturers require maintenance every 250 to 500 hours. We can verify service hours periodically and perform maintenance activities to meet warranty coverage requirements.

Trained, Certified Technicians

All machines are serviced by our trained, certified technicians, on-site or in our shops. We can service any brand that's in your fleet 

Thorough Inspections

We have developed a thorough inspection regimen for each type of equipment. These procedures are strictly followed to identify possible problems with equipment functions. Customers receive a detailed report covering all inspection areas and an itemization of any recommended repairs. 

Equipment Transport

Lashley Kubota has Class-A CDL drivers readily available for equipment pick-up and delivery. We ensure compliance with safety and weight regulations and can retrieve disabled units with our trucks, which are equipped with a cable winch.

Scheduled Maintenance On-Site

Lashley Kubota maintains state-of-the-art service trucks to provide on-site service for both repairs and routine maintenance. Our trained, certified technicians are dispatched to your job site to perform maintenance activities recommended by the equipment manufacturer at specified intervals. We can schedule these maintenance procedures when your machines are idle to optimize your equipment productivity.


Oil and Wear Analysis


Analyzing system fluids provides a snapshot of internal conditions
  • Identify minor problems to avoid major failures.
  • Extend equipment life—Contaminant levels in fluids dictate when to replace filters
  • Increase oil drain intervals—The condition of your oil indicates when oil changes are actually necessary
  • Increase resale value—Oil analysis records prove your equipment has been maintained
  • Any make, any model 
What is an oil and wear analysis?

Fluids are taken from several areas in your equipment and are analyzed by laboratories to determine levels
of contaminants in the various fluids. The level of each contaminant is compared to normal wear rates, so that
potential problems with components can be identified before failure. The trends for the contaminant levels in
your equipment also provides valuable information on potential problems. Lashley Kubota monitors your oil
analyses. We will provide guidance on necessary repairs and filter and oil change intervals, based on the
results for your equipment.

Sampling Intervals

Manufacturers recommend sampling intervals for each model. Also, consider how critical each piece of
equipment is to your production in determining sampling frequency. You may want to reduce the hours
between sampling periods for equipment operating under more stressful conditions, such as those in a very
hot, dirty environment, or machines used for short trips with heavy loads, or those with excessive idle times.

General Guidelines for Sampling Intervals






250 hours or at manufacturer's recommended change intervals

250 hours or at manufacturer's recommended change intervals

250 – 500 hours

750 hours

750 hours


Remanufacturing Services


Industrial and construction equipment
  • Anything from component rebuild/remanufacture to total machine overhauls
  • Any brand, any model
  • Factory trained technicians
  • Components rebuilt to OEM specifications
  • Field service with our mobile service fleet
  • Huge savings over buying new
Mechanical Components
  • Axles
  • Differentials
  • Idler Assemblies
  • Drop Boxes
  • Final Drives
  • Gear Boxes
  • Wet Brakes
  • Gear Reducer Assemblies
  • Complete engine rebuilds
  • Engine head rebuilds


Power Transmissions
  • Motors
  • Gen Sets
  • Generators
  • Alternators


Machine Services
  • Major Overhaul
  • Component Upgrade
  • Machine Work
  • Out of Frame Kit Jobs
  • Evaluation and Inspection
  • Failure Analysis
  • Application Analysis
  • Inframe Rebuilds
  • Minor Repair
Hydraulic Services
  • Cylinders and Suspensions
  • Pumps and Motors
  • Valves


Rubber Track and Tire Replacement


Lashley's certified technicians have been trained to monitor wear on tracks and tires and to maintain proper tension and inflation. They can help spot signs of wear and let you know when replacements are needed.



Scheduled Maintenance Contracts


What's included in a Scheduled Maintenance Contract?

All maintenance procedures that are recommended in the manufacturer's operator manual are
completed at the required intervals.

Genuine OEM Parts

All parts are the same quality that originally came in your machine.

Certified Technicians

All services are completed by factory trained New Holland, Terex or Kubota technicians.

At Your Convenience

When it's time for your machine to be serviced, we'll contact you to arrange a time and location
that's convenient for you.

How Long is a Scheduled Maintenance Contract?

You choose the term—up to 5 years or 5,000 hours.


Payment Options
Finance It

Add your scheduled maintenance contract payment to your financing package when you purchase
a new machine.

Charge It

Charge the contract to your CNH Revolving Account for your current machines. Ask about a credit line
increase to accommodate your scheduled maintenance contracts.

Lease It

Add the contract to your lease agreement.


Welding Services


Available for any brand, any model

Lashley Kubota offers welding for attachment fabrication, structural repairs, and more. Our certified welders can complete any job to exact specifications assuring the highest quality workmanship.

  • All buckets and loader/backhoe frames front and rear
  • Loader/backhoe, and excavator linkage assemblies
  • Skid steer and track loader frames and attachments
  • Dozer blades and track frame assemblies
  • Forklift masts and carriages
  • Motor grader blade components


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